Privacy Policy

1. Introduction
Cooterie Co., Ltd. (the "Company") operating Cooterie (the "Service") manages your personal information to provide the Service. The Company sets the privacy policy to ensure that you can use the Service easily.
2. Personal information
Personal information managed by the Company refers to the following:
  • Username, birthday, sex, email address, ID, and password
  • Global IP address and cookie
  • Inquiries to the Service
3. Acquiring personal information
The Company will acquire personal information fairly without deception and/or through wrongful means.
4. Reasons for acquiring personal information
The Company acquires personal information for the following reasons. The Company will only use personal information for other reasons not listed below by first obtaining your consent.
  • To provide the Service
  • To improve, investigate, or analyze the Service
  • To prevent user violations against the Terms of Service set by the Company
5. Management of personal information
The Company manages personal information appropriately to ensure the safeguards, prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.
6. Commission of personal information
The Company may commission the whole or part of the personal importation to a third party. In this case, the Company will scrutinize the relevant third party and supervise it to ensure appropriate management of commissioned personal information.
7. Providing personal information
The Company pays close attention to the protection of personal information. The Company does not disclose personal information to a third party without your permissions. However, the Company can disclose them in the following cases.
  • The Company is required to disclose personal information based on local laws.
  • The Company judges disclosing personal information as appropriate to protect the Company's, other users' or third parties' right, profit, honor, or reliability.
  • The police, court, Public Prosecutor's Office, bar associations, the Office of Consumer Affairs, or public organizations require the Company to disclose the users' information.
  • You accept the disclosing of your personal information.
  • The Company uses personal information in the form of anonymous statistical data.
  • The Company judges that disclosing users' information is appropriate.
8. Disclosing or revising personal information
  1. The Company discloses personal information smoothly when a user requires the disclosing of his/her information. The company does not disclose personal information when identification is not valid.
  2. The Company accepts your demands to change, add, or delete your personal information after considering the requests. The company will not accept such requests when identification is not valid.
9. About cookies
  1. The Company records users' activities in cookies and accesses these cookies for the purpose of analysis when users use the Service. The information contained within cookies does not identify individuals and is used to improve the Service.
  2. You may reject the collection of cookies by the Company. In that case, you need to set up the rejection of the collection and transmission of cookies on your own browsers.
  3. The Service may use advertisements provided by a third party. In that case, the Service may show the advertisements based on users’ activities. Although the Company may use users' browsing history to show targeted advertisements, Users' information will not be leaked to third parties and third parties cannot call or send messages and emails to users because the Company's use of users' browsing history does not identify individual users.
10. Disclaimer
The Company bears no responsibility for consequences that result when a third party acquires personal information in the following cases.
  • A user himself/herself discloses his/her personal information to a third party through the Service.
  • Information posted by users on the Service identifies individuals.
  • Users' information is released through no fault of the Company.
11. Change of privacy policy
The contents of this policy are subject to change. The changed policy is utilized when it is uploaded onto the Service except when separately determined by the Company.

Effective from January/1/2013